Monday, March 26, 2012

Kevin Finklea

I get up in the morning realizing I have no breakfast.  The grocer down my street is shuttered painting his shopfront.  This means no bread for this morning.  In my refrigerator lie the remains of four or five brioche loaves.  These are what my Alsatian grandmother would’ve called the heels of the bread.  So I’m going to have heels for breakfast.  Oma Maddi would be proud as normally she would’ve fed these to the birds.  Nothing is wasted.

For this piece, entitled Parakeet for Palermo, group 1, I have utilized materials from my studio that had long been awaiting mobilization.  A group of circular forms, from various sources and in varying materials, suggested the shape this piece would take.  The color has developed principally from reused paints.  These are already mixed colors remaining from formerly completed works.  I am dedicating this piece and subsequent series to the memory of Blinky Palermo.

Kevin Finklea

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