Monday, March 26, 2012

Brent Hallard

Brent Hallard lives in San Francisco. He has recently participated in KOBE Biennale 2011, Kobe, Japan, Sugarmountain 2, Galerie van den Berge, Goes, NL, curated by Clary Stolte, Gifting Abstraction, Soho20 Chelsea Gallery, NY, NY, curated by Mariángeles Soto-Díaz, 1st International Festival of Non-Objective Art Pont de Claix, Grenoble, France, Plane Speaking McKenzie Fine Art, NY, NY, curated by Valerie McKenzie, Informal Relations Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (IMOCA), curated by Scott Grow, and Recent Movements in Non-objective Art Reuten Galerie, NL.

Recent curated events include 2011 A Romance of Many Dimensions, Brooklyn Artists Gym, NY, 2010 Touch + Paris, ParisCONCRET, 2009 Trans: Form | Color Meridian Gallery, San Francisco, 2009 Trans:formal Pharmaka, Los Angeles , and 2008 Bus-Dori Suitcase, Bus-Dori Project Space, Tokyo.

Currently Brent is co-organizing a show of upcoming international artists for Galerie oqbo Berlin this fall.

Brent likes to have conversations. You can read them at Visual Discrepancies, an online journal for the visual arts.

Brent Hallard

Kevin Finklea

I get up in the morning realizing I have no breakfast.  The grocer down my street is shuttered painting his shopfront.  This means no bread for this morning.  In my refrigerator lie the remains of four or five brioche loaves.  These are what my Alsatian grandmother would’ve called the heels of the bread.  So I’m going to have heels for breakfast.  Oma Maddi would be proud as normally she would’ve fed these to the birds.  Nothing is wasted.

For this piece, entitled Parakeet for Palermo, group 1, I have utilized materials from my studio that had long been awaiting mobilization.  A group of circular forms, from various sources and in varying materials, suggested the shape this piece would take.  The color has developed principally from reused paints.  These are already mixed colors remaining from formerly completed works.  I am dedicating this piece and subsequent series to the memory of Blinky Palermo.

Kevin Finklea

Albert Roskam

Albert Roskam is a Dutch artist who worked 35 years as a curator and museum consultant. He is interested in structures, complexity and their beauty. He is also fascinated by the contrast of intuition and calculation

Albert Roskam

Venues and Exhibition dates- an incomplete list

for now I can post these dates and venues. Opening dates, artist talks, additional venues and screenings to be added soon.

3-8 May

Kunst en Complex, Rotterdam, NL
6 May

16-17 May

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Doppler Stop

Doppler Stop is an international traveling exhibition organized by Mel Prest. The exhibition features works by 19 artists living in the US and Europe. The exhibition title refers to the Doppler Effect as well as synesthesia. The intent of the exhibition is to visually question or crush the illusion of difference between 2D and 3D. The artists chosen have created work that optically straddles this un-locatable perceptual space where static objects move and shift or trigger simultaneous sense-readings. Doppler Stop was developed in tandem with STOP & GO 3-D, curated by Sarah Klein: a stop-motion animation festival traveling through Europe and Croatia spring and summer 2012. 
Participating artists include:

Albert Roskam  (Leiden, NL / Paris, FR)
Brent Hallard  (San Francisco, US)
Debra Ramsay  (New York, US)
Gay Outlaw  (San Francisco, US)
Gilbert Hsiao  (New York, US)
Gracia Khouw  (Amsterdam, NL)
Guido Winkler  (Leiden, NL)
Henriëtte van 't Hoog  (Amsterdam, NL)
Iemke van Dijk (Leiden, NL)
José Heerkens  (Zeeland, NL)
Karen Schifano  (New York, US)
Kevin Finklea  (Philadelphia, US)
Mel Prest  (San Francisco, US)
Nancy White  (Redwood City, US)
Patricia Zarate  (New York, US)
Richard Bottwin  (New York, US)
Ruth van Veenen  (Amsterdam, NL)
Sarah Klein  (San Francisco, US)
Steve Baris  (Philadelphia, US)    

More images and information will be posted soon. 
Meanwhile, please enjoy the STOP & GO 3-D trailer!