Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gilbert Hsiao

I have recently reacquainted myself with the philosophical question over whether we can be conscious about that for which we have no words.  We constantly evolve as time passes and our culture and technology and the world around us evolves.  The potential for the evolution of our senses is limitless; I try to bring into being visual experience that which we have not yet words for, but can experience nonetheless.

My work is set in the realm of contemplative experience; conflicting or unbalanced forces may be at work, but they end in there is equilibrium.  This is work is not narrative; it is not meant to be explained, it is work to be contemplated and experienced, as a piece of music is to be contemplated.  The interesting part of music is the experience, not the explanation.  Similarly, I want my work to be experienced and not described.  Description of the experience of the work is fine with me; description of the work itself is not a desired end. 

Gilbert Hsiao

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